Dolf van den Brink
A 2,000-word profile of the president/CEO of Heineken USA. 914Inc. is a business and lifestyle quarterly published by Martinelli Publishing, which also puts out the upscale monthly Westchester Magazine.

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Some of My Newspaper + Magazine Writing Samples

"Give A Little Bit"
Volunteering time to charitable causes is one of the most important ways that citizens can contribute to their communities. I profiled five Putnam County residents who make donating their time a way of life.

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"Deluxe Delights," a restaurant review
A small strip mall in New City may not seem like the place for a sophisticated and charming restaurant with a Continental flair, but Café Modage transports its diners into a European atmosphere that patrons will eat up.

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"Play Dates: 10 Activities Your Whole Family Will Love"
There are tons of fun and entertaining things to do all over Westchester County. I rounded up 10 of the absolute best that a mom, dad and their kids can enjoy together!

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"On the Market"
In today's turbulent real estate market, selling a house can be a huge challenge. I interviewed some of Rockland County's most respected Realtors, who divulged their insider tips on how residents can enhance the interior and exterior of their homes so buyers will be standing in line to throw down their bids.

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The Journal News: On the Road Again: Three Couples Travel the U.S. in Their Motorhomes"

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​​​The Journal News: “Make a Splash: 6 Ways to Get Out on the Water”

"Alan Ruck's Day Off"
I spent the day with actor Alan Ruck, co-star of the iconic 1980s feature film Ferris Bueller's Day Off and the long-running TV sitcom Spin City, who lives in the charming Rockland County town of Piermont. Here, he talks about the show-biz life, why he loves Piermont and the sudden illness that brought him to the brink of death.

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Jenny Higgons

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